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3 Ways Shade Sails Can Increase Revenue

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Shade sails are primarily used in Residential settings to provide cover for outdoor entertainment areas. Their function resides in providing comprehensive shade that places a safety screen of shade between people and the sun. When viewed Commercially they are often expected to be used for outdoor services such as car washing. However, over the last 10 years we have seen an ever-growing surge in the demand for shade sail solutions in restaurant and bar settings across Perth. As the food service industry remains incredibly competitive, businesses are seeking new ways to expand their service offerings through shade sails.

How Shade Sails Can Improve Your Bar or Restaurant:


  1. Commercial Shade Sails Enhance Customer Experience

    Customers now seek enhanced experiences everywhere they go. It is important to note, a customer’s journey begins the minute they reach your premises, so ensuring from the very moment they arrive that they are protected from the sun and welcomed is key. The growth in outdoor dining has increased drastically, people now seek outdoor dining experiences and by offering this option, you are inviting a range of new potential customers to your premises. Shade Sail Solutions from Stuart Bell Sails provide a comprehensive shade cover enabling your customers to relax, converse and enjoy your services outdoors.

  1. Increase Your Seating Capacity with Shade Sails

    Shade sail structures increase your seating capabilities by almost double in most instances – depending on your premises of course. By providing outdoor shade cover, your customer intake will now be capable of increasing and essentially growing. During warm periods, people are attracted to dine alfresco. Shade sails can provide not only an aesthetic extension to your property, but they can also increase your table turnover. In order to successfully extend your services outdoors, you must first adopt a structurally strong and proven shade sail to provide a sufficient level of protection for your customers. Maximise your seating options while providing rain and sun shelter to your new customers with Stuart Bell Sails.

  1. Custom Shade Sails Enhance Curb Appeal & Increase Revenue

    By creating an outdoor dining area and extending your seating capabilities successfully, in turn increases revenue to your business. Statistics show that by adding a shaded outdoor area to your business, it can enhance revenue by up to 30%. Alfresco dining is continually growing and adding a shade sail is a vital step in actioning this service.

Shade sails designed by trusted sailmakers such as the Stuart Bell Sails team also helps to improve your restaurant or bar’s curb appeal – attracting more customers to your business at an accelerated rate. Attractive colours on dynamic sails are sure to bring customers to your premises. Explore some of our previous Shade Sail Projects now.

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