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Australian Made and Australian Owned Shade Sails

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Keeping everything in Australia ensuring better quality control.

SBS (Stuart Bell Sails) is a sail manufacturing company that started 35 years ago in Nedlands. The company has always strived to source and use local product in its manufacturing process.

For the first 15 years SBS made and supplied windsurf sails and accessories to the local market, all hand made at our loft. Product was sourced from the local ” cut and sew ” suppliers around Perth.

Around 20 years ago most of our competitors moved offshore and we could not compete on price and sadly sales declined.

From there our business moved to making and installing shade sails which was a natural extension from making windsurfing sails. We still applied the motto of sourcing locally and that led us to where we are today.

Throughout the last 35 years we have trained many sailmakers and machinists in the sailmaking process. By sourcing local product, we support local suppliers which means we have confidence in the product we are making.

In the current environment it has never been as important to source product from Australia and support Australian businesses. This way we maintain jobs for Australians and keep our money locally.

Steel from our shade sail poles comes from Bluescope, the premier Steel manufacturer in Australia. Each pole is made to a measurable Australian Standard.

Fabric comes from Rainbow Shade, an Australian supplier of shade cloth. The fabric is imported from South Africa but made to Australian standards. This fabric is tested regularly and results are available at the Rainbow web site.

For our powder coating needs we use local powder coaters who employ West Australians. As they are local we can easily check and monitor the standard of their product.

Our shade sails are manufactured by sailmakers employed by SBS. These shade sails are manufactured to our standards at our loft in Willetton. Nothing is outsourced.

The installation of poles and fittings on buildings is done by experienced tradesmen employed by Stuart Bell Sails. We use local engineers who provide detail on the correct footing depths and specifications relating to the construction of the shade structure.

As everything is done “inhouse” we are able to have greater control of what we do and be confident that our product will work. Because of this confidence we offer industry leading warranty cover.

As a flow on from this, when you buy our product you are supporting, not just SBS, but a host of businesses that supply us with the material and services that make your product possible.


For more information or to request an estimate for service, contact our professional shade sail consultant.

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