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Carport Shade Sails

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Do you have a single garage, but your household has two cars?

Or perhaps you don’t have a built-in garage to keep your car safe from the sun?

A carport shade sail is a cost-effective solution to keep your vehicle protected from the elements all year round.

Stuart Bell Sails specialises in long-lasting, high-quality shade sails. We provide a range of Residential Shade Sails and Commercial Shade Sails. Shade sails for the garden, pool, backyard, patio, courtyard, and carport are often popular choices.

Carport Shade Sails are popular all year round.

Why You Should Consider a Carport Shade Sail


Protect Your Car

Exposing your vehicle to extreme weather conditions will contribute towards premature ageing of your vehicle’s paintwork. High exposure to bright, direct light can fade your paintwork.

One other factor is the seals on your windows and doors become brittle. In addition to that wiper blades can become fatigued after prolonged exposure to the sun.

The other obvious factor is trying to sit in a scorching hot car that has been outside all day in the sun.

Our fabrics contain UV inhibitors and can achieve 99% shade in some colours as well as complying with Australian Standards.

Aesthetic Appeal

Carport Shade Sails Look Good!

If you feel something is missing from your property, aesthetically, a carport sail could be the addition that gives your garden or driveway the lift you have been hoping for.

Custom carport sails are a great way to add both style and functionality to your home or business.

You can choose from a wide variety of finishes and colours to create a custom carport sail that perfectly fits your aesthetic preferences.

Fixed Or Retractable Carport Shade Sails?

You might be more familiar with the term awning instead of shade sail and often when we think of awnings, retractable designs spring to mind.

However, when it comes to protecting your car, we always recommend a fixed shade sail.

A fixed sail can be customised to your area and can extend further out than a retractable awning.

Should You Get a Waterproof Carport Shade Sail?

  1. Waterproof carport shade sails are constructed from material that is more expensive than permeable material. This has to be factored in when you are deciding whether to chose a permeable or waterproof fabric.
  2. Waterproof sails need good runoff. It is important to have the correct pole heights when you are designing your sail.
  3. Waterproof sails are excellent for keeping you dry when you walk from your car to your house.
  4. If you only want to protect your car from the sun it is best to choose a non-waterproof material for your shade sail. It’s important to be aware that permeable shade sails will not protect your vehicles from rain but will offer sun and moderate hail protection.
Get Your Carport Shade Sail Today!

An excellent solution to keeping your car protected.

Cost-effective, long-lasting, and attractive, our shade sails can be customised for each area and need.

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