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Custom Shade Sails vs DIY Shade Sail Installations

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Most of Australia experiences high sunshine hours. Perth however tends to have more sunshine than a lot of other parts of Australia!

“Of the major cities, Perth is the sunniest (3,200 hours annually) and Melbourne is the least sunny (2,200 hours annually).” Ref:

From sun cream to staying indoors – we try all the tips and tricks to protect ourselves, but what if you want to spend more time relaxing in your garden? It is a shame to think you cannot enjoy the beautiful outdoors.

This is where pre-made and custom shade sails come to the rescue!

Shade Sails are an investment which of course means there is cost and if you’re looking into installing shade sails in your outdoor living space, you’re probably doing all the research you can to make the best choice.

Here is why you should consider a custom shade sail installation this year:


Benefits Of Custom Shade Sail Installations


You can certainly save a few dollars by opting for a pre-made shade sail, but custom shade sails are uniquely designed for your space.

Custom shade sails are designed with your space in mind. This can help you make the most out of your garden by using the unique aspects of your space to create a shade sail that does its job beautifully.

Pre-made sails won’t be able to be tensioned effectively as they are secured to fixings that are sometimes a long distance from the sail corners, or they are too close to the fixing point and the sail can’t be tensioned properly.

The other factor is they are mass produced cheaply and the thread in the sail, once exposed to the harsh Australian sun starts to disintegrate.

Choosing a custom shade sail will also offer you different options from colour, size, and shape, to the material you choose.


Why DIY Shade Sails Won’t Save You Money

Another option that some Australians have been considering is DIY shade sails.

The biggest reason is to save money.

However, in the long term, you may find that a DIY shade sail will cost you more than the investment of a custom shade sail.

But why is that?

Unless you have designed, created, and erected a shade sail before, you might not know how to install a shade sail.

It’s so much more than a few poles in the ground. The sail must be tensioned correctly and secured so that it does not comes off its fixing points.

We take into account, wind, localised weather, the size and shape of your garden, and even its elevation. Also you need to know the correct footing depth of each pole , plus  size, height  and thickness. In addition to that  you need  the expertise to safely secure any shade sail fixings to the house or commercial building .

Another thing to consider is the fabric you use.

We use fabric that is tested to Australian standards and the thread in every sail    is UV resistant .


High-Quality Custom Shade Sails Perth

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