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Driveway and Carport Shade Sails

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Carport and driveway shade sails offer several benefits, especially for locations like Perth, Western Australia, where the climate can be sunny and warm for a large part of the year.

Carport Sade Sail Benefits include:

  1. UV Protection
  2. Temperature Control
  3. Cost Effective (When compared to structured carports and garages, shade sails are an affordable option)
  4. Quick Installation
  5. Enhanced Property Value and Aesthetic
  6. Weather Protection

Carport shade sails have grown considerably in popularity, and we have seen this first-hand at Stuart Bell Sails. Their popularity can be attributed to several factors, including the benefits we mentioned above as well as:

  • Real Estate Trends
    In the real estate market, especially in suburban and residential areas, outdoor living spaces and well-planned landscaping are increasingly valued. Shade sails contribute positively to these trends.
  • Versatility
    Beyond just covering cars, shade sails are used for a variety of purposes, such as creating outdoor living spaces, covering pools, and providing shade in play areas. This versatility broadens their appeal.
  • Environmental Consciousness
    Shade sails offer a sustainable option, providing natural cooling.
  • Local Regulations and Zoning Laws
    In some areas, the installation of permanent structures like garages or carports is subject to strict building codes and regulations. Shade sails, being less permanent, can often be a workaround for these restrictions.

Are there any disadvantages to Carport Shade Sails?

Like most decisions, you need to consider the pros and cons of choosing a shade sail option over a built structure.

One possible disadvantage that comes to mind is that Shade Sails are generally not fully rain resistant.

They offer protection from various weather elements such as sun/UV protection and can offer protection from some wet weather but not to the same extent that a built structure will.

That said, given the above benefits, and the fact that Stuart Bell Sails is based in Perth, WA, we find that most customers do not see this as a big factor for consideration!  It is also important to note that we use Z16 and Extreme 32 in our shade sail installations. These are exceptionally high-quality materials, more information is available below.

Shade Sail Material

Extreme 32 is a heavy-duty shade cloth specifically designed for large-scale shade sail and structure installations that require high strength and stability.
Due to its monofilament and tape construction Extreme 32 not only performs excellently in harsh conditions but also provides impressive UVR protection (up to 95.8%).

As one of Australia’s most popular shade cloth fabric brands, Z16 holds an unrivalled reputation for durability, UV-R protection, and quality.

This shade cloth fabric offers the ultimate UV-R protection (up to 99%).

Of course, also not forgetting to mention that each of these materials comes with a 10-year warranty!

Residential and Commercial Carport Shade Sails

Stuart Bell Sails offers both Residential Carport Shade Sails and Commercial Carport Shade Sails.

The main difference between a residential and a commercial shade sail is their intended use.

This then allows you to factor in the design, size, shape, and material strength required.

While both residential and commercial shade sails serve the primary function of providing shade and UV protection, commercial sails are often larger and require bigger footings, heavy duty cloth and bigger posts.

Here are some examples of Carport Shade Sails that Stuart Bell Sails has installed around Perth, WA.

Residential Car Shade Sail Projects

Garage Shade Sails Perth - Stuart Bell Shade Sails

Commercial Car Shade Sail Projects

Commercial Shade Sails - Stuart Bell Shade Sails


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