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The Most Common Questions About Shade Sails

Here are some of our most asked questions about our available services and general shade sail information. If you have a question that has not been answered below, please do not hesitate to call our team of Consultants. We love to help!

Shade sails have a cloth warranty of 10 years and a conditional warranty of 10  years.  Of late there have been massive improvements in thread construction and sails now have a 15-year thread warranty. Sails also need to be properly tensioned and taken down during winter. This greatly prolongs their life

Depths and Widths are based on engineering specifications related to the size and location of the sail.

In order to gain an extended life expectancy of your Shade Sail we do recommend removing your Shade Sail from its fixings during the Winter period.

Larger Sails have been noted to get damaged during heavy rain periods and high winds.

Smaller and more sheltered sails are less at risk. However we strongly advised the removal of your sail during Winter in order to maximise your sails life expectancy and minimise its repair requirements.

Yes, DIY is an option if you are a handyman or already hold skills in construction. We supply Shade Sails DIY Kits and we are happy to assist by giving you technical information when required during your installation. However we do advise that our team of installers install on every project.

All Warranty on Shade Sails manufactured by Stuart Bell is void in all Shade Sails DIY installations regardless of your stated skillset. Our team are experts in their field and we encourage each client to allow them to complete the installation process. Save your Warranty and let our professional Shade Sail Solution providers install your sail.

Stuart Bell covers the majority of the Metropolitan Area. In areas our team do not normally cover (areas well outside the Metropolitan Area).

Our team is happy to provide a quote providing the following are supplied:

  1. Detailed and Clear Pictures
  2. Measurements and Detail of your Soil Type within your chosen area.

From this our team can form an estimated price and project details. Each consultation we performed is followed by a proposal email, normally 24/48 hours post consultation. In situations where our team is not within range of your area our proposal email may take slightly longer than the aforementioned period.

Our simple and effective cleaning process is easy to follow and will be an effective way to prolong your sails life expectancy. Before beginning our cleaning process we advise our clients to lay their sail on a flat surface (Concrete is best).

  • Mix Sugar Soap & Water – Spray Over the Sail.
  • Next, Leave the Sail to Soak for about 10 minutes.
  • Finish by Rinsing your Sail with your garden hose, hosing off all residue

Avoid the use of Harsh Chemicals, Bleach, Sulphur or Halogen Based Chemicals or any chemical with Pesticide Components or Metal Oxides. These stated chemicals may be harmful to your sail.

Shade sails are often installed in high wind areas that are near the coast and on the flats, in eastern suburbs such as Orange Grove. They need to be well tensioned and in some cases secured with safety straps.

Evacuations in suburbs like Gooseberry Hill and Kalamunda are very difficult and do require digging equipment which can be expensive to hire and can add to the cost of your quote.

Coffee rock in suburbs such as Byford is also difficult to dig holes. But yes you can still avail of our Shade Sail Solutions but the service may be slightly more expensive, which will be discussed in our quote.

Taking your sail down in winter is easy. Pick a day with no breeze and undo the high tensile marine cord on each fixing point or in the case of very large sails each marine grade turnbuckle. Store your sail away in a dry safe place. If you need assistance Stuart Bell Sails can take down and reinstall your sail.

Take your sail down during the Winter Periods and in Strong Wind Conditions. Keep the sail tensioned and check fixtures and fittings annually.

Regularly Clean your sail with our recommended “Cleaning Process”.


For more information or to request an estimate for service, contact our professional shade sail consultant.