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How to take care of your Shade Sail

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Although every Shade Sail Solution we provide is made with durability as the core ingredient  shade sails still require regular care and maintenance. In order to enhance the longevity of our sails, we recommend all owners to regularly conduct a cleaning process that will help to remove unwanted and harmful substances that may accumulate on your sail over time as it protects you from harmful UV sun rays. In most cases, sails will become discoloured over time due to various environmental factors. Although cleaning your shade sail is an easy and relatively quick process, we recommend the suggested cleaning process below. Should you find yourself using another process this  may harm your sail and can affect your warranty with Stuart Bell Sails.

Stuart Bell Sails Cleaning Process

Please ensure it is a relatively warm day, a day by which your shade sail will dry efficiently after conducting the following cleaning process.

  1. Remove all dirt, debris, accumulated leaves etc, that may be residing on your shade sail.. Most often than not, shade sails are regularly rinsed with rain and so, just a gentle cleaning is required to refresh the sails’ colour and aesthetic appeal.
  2. Once the sail has been cleared, Mix Sugar Soap and Water and Spray this liquid over the sail. Then leave for about 10minutes to soak.
  3. Next, grab your garden hose and begin to Rinse the liquid from the sail. Please ensure at this stage, the sail is being rinsed thoroughly – removing all residue to preventing staining.

During the cleaning process it can be tempting to utilise harsh chemicals. However, by using such chemicals, your shade sail is at risk of irreversible damage. We strongly advise against the use of the following chemicals: Bleach, Sulphur or Halogen based chemicals, and all chemicals with Pesticide Components or Metal Oxides.

Shade Sail Maintenance

Aside from cleaning your shade sail, there are a number of other short checks we recommend in order to maintain the high-quality and structure of your shade sail.

  1. Similar to our cleaning process, we recommend the removal of any debris that begins to accumulate on your shade sail as soon as possible. We also recommend the removal of growing branches or hedges that may begin to rub or grow towards your shade sail.
  2. Make sure the tension of your shade sail remains optimal. This will prevent wind drag and reduce the risk of structural failure.
  3. Should a strong or harmful weather front, including strong winds, excessive heavy rain or even a storm occur, remove your shade sail and store it away safely for the duration of the weather front.

As always, should you face a situation where you are unsure of how to clean your sail, or should you require the removal of your sail, our team is happy to provide an uninstallation and reinstallation process.

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