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Our Shade Sail Cloth

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Stuart Bell Sails, provide Shade Sail Solutions in Perth for a variety of homes and businesses. Shade Sail Solutions have become a popular and ever-growing in demand necessity for Australians. Each sail we provide is based on your requirements, your desires, and most importantly, a structurally strong, aesthetically pleasing and high functioning Shade Sail. We offer 2 types of Shade Sail Cloth having trialled and tested many shade sail cloths in our years of business.

We are often asked about the fabrics we use, how our sails are created, and the life expectancy of a Shade Sail provided by Stuart Bell Sails. As always, we welcome such queries. In this blog, we will explore our preferred fabrics; explain how and why we choose this cloth for our Shade Sails and speak about prolonging the life expectancy of each Shade Sail Solution we provide.

Our Shade Cloth Selection Process.

Over the last 35 years, Stuart Bell Sails have trialled and tested almost every Shade Sail Cloth available to our disposal. We have dedicated a large portion of our time since launching, to developing affordable Shade Sails that last the test of time. Our efforts to find the highest quality-based cloth with no compromise in colour and style diversity led us to our two main cloths today.

Appreciating the typical Australian weather conditions, along with the constant trying temperatures was crucial, in order to find the perfect fit for Stuart Bell Sails. Our team researches and innovates regularly to provide Perth’s best Shade Sail Solutions for the people of Perth, to enable them to enjoy time in their outdoor area, safely. We understand the harmful effects of intense sun rays and we appreciate that our customers seek protection from these rays – not just partial shade.

We therefore invest in protection-based cloth that will enhance our client’s outdoor entertainment areas, by offering a variety of Shade Sail Designs, Themes and of course, Shade Sail Colours. Your chosen Shade Sail Cloth will essentially dictate your entire solution.

Our Shade Sail Cloth of choice.

We provide 2 types of Shade Sail Cloths here at Stuart bell Sails.

Extreme 32 is our first go-to choice for large-scale Shade Sail and structure installations. The strong and durability-based structure of this Shade Sail Cloth ensures high strength and stability, perfectly suited for scaling across large surface areas. Extreme 32’s monofilament and tape constructions enable the highest level of performance in some of Australia’s harshest weather conditions.

It’s impressive URV protection provides up to 95.8% Protection from harmful and intense sun rays that are capable of penetrating most Shade Sail Cloths on the market when exposed for long periods of time – but not Extreme 32.

Our Extreme 32 Colour Range offers a variety of opulent and exciting colours to choose from. They range from Quartz to Electric Purple.

View our Full 14 Colour Range here.

Z 16 is our next Shade Sail Cloth of choice. Z 16 is one of Australia’s most popular Shade Cloth fabric brands. This cloth type holds an unrivalled reputation for durability, UV-R Protection and high quality. The Z 16 Series Sail offers up to 99% UV-R Protection with ease. A leading Shade Sail Cloth worldwide, due to its genetic make-up and high functioning qualities.

Our Z 16 Colour Range offers a wide variety of colours to choose from. Making setting the theme of your outdoor entertainment area easy. The Z 16 colours range from Cinnamon to Ice White.

View our Full 14 Colour Range here.

Both Extreme 32 and Z 16 Cloths offer characteristics such as:

  • High tear resistance.
  • Enduring durability and longevity.
  • Resilient dimension stability.
  • Easy maintenance.
  • Fire rating AS-1530.3.

Stuart Bell Sails – Shade Sail Life Expectancy.

In most cases, when a Shade Sail has been protected and carefully maintained as per Stuart Bell Sails Guidelines, the typical life expectancy ranges from 10-15 years.

Get the most from your Shade Sail Cloth and follow our step-by-step Cleaning and Maintenance Guidelines.

Contact our team for more information on the quality of our Shade Sail Cloths or for general Shade Sail Solution questions or queries.


For more information or to request an estimate for service, contact our professional shade sail consultant.

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