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Protect Yourself from Sun Exposure

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With an increase in temperatures from September, I think we can all agree that this Summer is set to be another hot one!

In this blog, the Stuart Bell Sails team would like to explore the harmful effects the Summer sun can unfortunately bring, and how best to avoid these harmful and in some cases life-changing encounters. We uncover the effects of sun exposure on skin, sight and outdoor furniture, and how Stuart Bell Sails can provide affordable and effective options to combat sun exposure for Summer 2021.


Although the sun offers us vital sources of Vitamin D, too much sun exposure can lead to severe skin damage, that in some cases cannot be repaired. Within the skin’s outer layer, lie cells that contain Melanin. Melanin protects the skin from ultraviolet rays which are capable of burning skin and effectively reducing the elasticity of skin – resulting in skin aging prematurely. Following long periods of sun exposure, this Melanin layer is broken down and the sun then directly affects cells within your body. Prolonged exposure to sun can in many cases can cause skin discoloration, dried out skin and in some chances, forms of skin cancer.

Sun exposure can become extremely harmful within short periods of time. Studies show that after 10 minutes of direct UV exposure. Your body begins to receive harmful damage. Keep this in mind.


As with skin, damage to our eyes is caused by UV Rays that come with sun exposure. Worryingly, damage to the eyes is cumulative, meaning it builds up over our lifetime and affects us most later in life.

However there are some short-term effects that appear also. They include; Photokeratitis and Conjunctivitis. These conditions can bring a gritty feel within the eyes, swelling of the eyes, blurred vision and difficulty looking at bright lights. For more information on the full scale damage sunlight can have on our sight, click here.


Even the highest quality of outdoor furniture is prone to sun damage. With temperatures reaching beyond 30 °C year-on-year. Our outdoor furniture becomes faded, burnt and can sometimes rip from the consistent stress and heat that it faces when unprotected.

Outdoor furniture can also have damaging effects on users during these periods. When exposed to the sun for prolonged periods of time, furniture with plastic or leather attributes can obtain heat and burn the skin of users, resulting in blisters and damaged skin.

How Stuart Bell Sails can help!

Stuart Bell Sails understands the sun, its effects and its demands. But we also understand our customer’s need safe environments by which they can relax outside during hot Summer periods. Thus, we have created an array of themes, colours and installation options.

Our team begins every project with realistic and tailored plans – suited individually to each circumstance. We create Shade Sails from the finest and highest graded Australian materials, locally sourced – ensuring quality remains optimal throughout the creation and life span of each sail.

Each Shade Sail Solution we supply and implement provides safe guarded shaded areas – ready to protect you, your family, and your outdoor furniture.

With Summer quickly approaching, contact a member of our team to secure your consultation now.


For more information or to request an estimate for service, contact our professional shade sail consultant.

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