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Shade Sails Melville

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Our recent Melville Shade Sail Solution! A shade system designed and implemented around an existing garden structure to create an abundance of shade coverage. This client’s objective was to create a shaded haven for their family to relax and enjoy their day outside – while being protected!

Melville Shade Sail Solution.

Our Stuart Bell Sails Consultant arrived at this client’s residence and began the standard Stuart Bell Sails Assessment routine. Considering this spacious garden had an already existing structure that was capable of holding a tailor-made Shade Sail – this removed the need for house mounted fixings and pole supports. As always our one to one consultation process began by acquiring knowledge of our client’s desires and the objectives of their new Shade Sail. This client’s main goal was to create a safe zone within their outdoor space – allowing them to spend long periods of time outdoors safely. Working with existing structures is a dynamic and innovative task for any Design and Installation team. With over 35 years experience in Sail Design and Installation – our team have encountered various challenging angles, locations and requirements. Our team’s reputation for accuracy, efficiency and customer engagement has allowed us to perfect every project we undertake.

Design/Installation of this Shade Sail Solution.

The Shape, Design and Style were easily concluded – based on the existing structure. The Colour of this Sail was formed based on the light intensity of the area, and the required amount of Shade our client was hoping for. Choosing a dark colour would allow the residents of this home in Melville to enjoy outdoor time even in hot Summer months. The dark grey as pictured above reduces the sunlight breakthrough and increases shade potential. The white existing structure that this project was based on, contrasted this grey smoothly to create a stylish visual.

Upon agreement of the project brief, with confirmation from our client – we began the installation process. As previously stated, this project required Stuart Bell Sails to form a Shade Solution based around an existing structure. Accuracy in the design process was key in order to reduce the required time. Over the past 10 years, we have completed a variety of projects in Melville W.A – none of the same Style, Shape or Design. Acquiring varying projects excites our team. This particular Melville Shade Sail Solution was incredibly rewarding. The accuracy performed in the design process allowed for a smooth installation and completion. Using a sun resistant thread, we carefully fitted the Sail around the structure to create a snug fit. Maximising sun coverage through tightly fitting Shade Sails provides a neat structure to the Shade Solution.

Completed Project

Our dedicated team completed this fantastic project with complete efficiency. On-time and per the agreed brief.

As always our team left this project area in a neat and clean manner.

Before each project is completed we breakdown the Stuart Bell Shade Sail Protection Guide and we remind our clients that we are on call daily for any questions or queries in regards to their new Shade Sail.

Living in Melville and wondering how a Stuart Bell Shade Sail Solution could benefit your outdoor area? Contact our team here.

For more project insights – stay tuned to our SBS Blog, where we will discuss a range of Shade Sail projects in a variety of locations across Perth.


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