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Shade Sail Benefits

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From using more of your outdoor space to making your property look even more beautiful, there are so many reasons why you should consider getting a residential shade sail for your home.

The Perth summer sun is beautiful but it’s also an element we must be wary of. Extreme heat and sun exposure is something you must be mindful of. That’s where residential shade sails can help reduce some of that worry and give you and your family a little more freedom.

Our expert team helps Perth families like yours choose the best quality shade sails to keep your family safe from harmful UV rays.

What other benefits do shade sails bring?


  1. Reduce Home Energy Costs

Reducing energy costs is high on the agenda right now. Skyrocketing living costs have meant many of us are far more conscious of our bills and the need to reduce them is high on our to-do list.

Residential shade sails can help reduce your energy costs (especially in the summer) by eliminating sun exposure through windows. This sun exposure heats your home and leads to you cranking up the air con. Prepare for summer by contacting Stuart Bell Sails in Willetton Perth to arrange a consultation.

  1. Extend Usable Outdoor Space

This can be helpful all year round.

When the sun is at its highest, and UV rays at their most potent, many of us head for the indoors.

When you have a well designed shade sail you can safely head outdoors, and enjoy your pool, courtyard or decked patio.

  1. Protection from The Elements 

The sun is not the only element that our shade sails can protect you from. They also extend your outdoor living space during the rainy season. Let’s be honest there is something special about sitting outside under the protection of a waterproof  shade sail and listening to the rain.

  1. Increased Ventilation

A well designed  shade sail provides ventilation and a cooling presence to your property. This is vital  when the temperature rises. Installing shade sails strategically  around your property will help to reduce the outside  temperature.This will provide entertaining options in the pool, courtyard and other outside entertaining areas.

  1. Enhance the Aesthetics of Your Property

A residential shade sail can enhance the look and feel of your home. If you are looking for a modern and luxurious talking point, a shade sail is the perfect solution. Our shade sails are custom made, colourful and designed to not only to add shade, but look good as well.

A shade sail can be a truly spectacular showpiece around your property.

Over To You

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