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Shade Sail Colours


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Shade Sail Colours

We at Stuart Bell Shade Sails, understand that Shade Sails help create your garden’s theme. Diverse shapes, styles and colours can play a huge role in the overall design of where the shade sail is installed.

Choosing a Shade Sail colour can be a tricky decision. Too bright and it could blend poorly with the existing structures, too dark and it can create an illusion of less space. This is where our design team are here to help. Their professional approach and diverse experience creates a fundamental means of choosing the correct colour for each client of Stuart Bell Shade Sails. We offer a substantial range of colours that are specifically designed to draw the most potential from your chosen space, while creating a theme suited to the character of your home or business.

We are sure to have a colour choice perfectly suited to you and your outdoor area – regardless of your Shade Sail’s purpose.

Explore our range of Shade Sail colours below:

Extreme 32 Series Sails

Extreme 32 is a heavy duty shade cloth specifically designed for large scale shade sail and structure installations that require high strength and stability. Due to its monofilament and tape construction Extreme 32 not only performs excellently in harsh conditions but also provides impressive UVR protection (up to 95.8%).


UVR Block: 89.5% Shade: 78.4%


UVR Block: 91.4% Shade: 89.4%


UVR Block: 95.8% Shade: 94.4%

Desert Sand

UVR Block: 92.4% Shade: 91.2%


UVR Block: 91.5% Shade: 91.2%


UVR Block: 95.3% Shade: 94.7%


UVR Block: 95.7% Shade: 95.3%


UVR Block: 92.7% Shade: 92.7%


UVR Block: 93.7% Shade: 90.7%


UVR Block: 95.8% Shade: 94.4%


UVR Block: 91.7% Shade: 86.1%


UVR Block: 93% Shade: 83.7%

Zesty Lime

UVR Block: 91.1% Shade: 84.5%

Electric Purple

UVR Block: 91.9% Shade: 88.4%

Z 16 Series Sails

As one of Australia’s most popular shade cloth fabric brands, Z16 holds an unrivalled reputation for durability, UV-R protection and quality. This shade cloth fabric offers the ultimate UV-R protection (up to 99%).


UVR Block: 94.4% Shade: 91.5%

Desert Sand

UVR Block: 97% Shade: 89%

Silver Grey

UVR Block: 97% Shade: 93%


UVR Block: 97% Shade: 93%


UVR Block: 99% Shade: 97%

Navy Blue

UVR Block: 93% Shade: 93%

Laguna Blue

UVR Block: 93% Shade: 89%

Royal Blue

UVR Block: 95% Shade: 88%


UVR Block: 92% Shade: 84%

Rainforest Green

UVR Block: 98% Shade: 91%

Red Earth

UVR Block: 96.7% Shade: 92.2%


UVR Block: 87% Shade: 84%

Rust Gold

UVR Block: 88% Shade: 87%


UVR Block: 94% Shade: 91%


UVR Block: 95% Shade: 94%

Sunflower Yellow

UVR Block: 94.7% Shade: 79.4%

Zesty Lime

UVR Block: 91.7% Shade: 83.7%

Electric Purple

UVR Block: 90.5% Shade: 82.8%

Atomic Orange

UVR Block: 92.7% Shade: 82.5%

Sunset Red

UVR Block: 93% Shade: 77%


UVR Block: 93.8% Shade: 90.6%


UVR Block: 95.1% Shade: 89.4%


UVR Block: 98% Shade: 91%

Ice White

UVR Block: 83.3% Shade: 62.4%

Speak to our design team today and explore an array of welcoming and relaxing colours that will set the tone for your outdoor space. Choosing a colour for your Sail is like choosing a paint for your home and we appreciate that it is a final decision.

Because of this we spend time with our clients, walking through the benefit of each colour. We pose questions to our clients about their Sail and form recommendations based on their intended use of the Shade Sail as well as the setting our clients are hoping to create. Allow us to help you carefully choose yours.

Customer satisfaction is the driving factor behind all Stuart Bell Shade Sail projects. Communication, dedication and work ethic has enabled us to form a reputable name in the Shade Sail Market over the past 35 years.

We look forward to hearing from you!


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