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Shade Sail Solution – Interior Courtyard Shelley

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Our team recently headed to Shelley to fit an Interior Courtyard with Shade Sail Protection. The client’s objective was to create a safe coverage for their exposed seated area. The intensity of the direct sun rays was becoming harmful and interrupted the time they could spend in their beautiful seated area. Although these interior courtyards are designed to expose your home/garden to a higher sunlight intake. In situations like this, the sun can become an overwhelming and hindering issue. Areas like Shelley in W.A receive high levels of daily sunshine.

Our Courtyard Shade Sail Solution in Shelley

We began this project by meeting our client at their home residence in Shelley. We were immediately impressed by their beautiful courtyard – but instantly noticed the potential for high levels of sunlight to saturate the area. Our usual procedure is initiated by our Consultant posing a variety of questions in relation to their Shade Design, Colour and Style preference, along with the expectation of their Sail’s functionality. Our innovative Consultant then assessed the entire area, located potential and viable fixing points and discussed potential Design options with our client.

Having concluded with a Design Draft, including Colouring, Style and Shape. We offered it to our client in Shelley – who welcomed our suggestions. Our offered Design incorporated the  client’s objectives which were an efficient colour scheme, a dynamic look and maximum coverage of the courtyard area.

Shade Sail Solution Design and Installation.

As aforementioned this particular client’s objective was to gain as much shade coverage as possible. We decided to go with 2 predominantly square Sails as this Style suited the space perfectly. We used mount fixings on the wall to secure the sails. The scale of the chosen Sail being large, it allowed us to fix the sail across the entire courtyard. The colour chosen for this project was a dark grey. We recommended this colour to reduce sunlight intensity within the courtyard as requested by this client. This colour choice also blended in well with the existing structure Also by overlapping the sails we reduced any gap in the centre of the sails and achieved a more dynamic look.

Completed Project
We completed this Shelley project on time and in a professional manner The objective was accomplished by introducing a carefully thought out Shade Sail Solution that protects this client’s beautiful courtyard in Shelley, W.A.

The Result: A unique and effective Shade Sail Solution, fitted on time and per the agreed brief. Another happy client and another successful project completed by The Stuart Bell Sails Team.

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