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Shade Sail vs Harsh Weather – Protect Your Car

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Stuart Bell understands that all financial investments are important, especially ones that you use daily. With an estimated population of 2.7 million people across Western Australia and an average of 1 car per household, our roads see a lot of cars daily. Many car owners take pride in their car, afterall it is your main mode of transport. But the condition of cars in W.A tend to deteriorate at an alarming rate. But with thousands of Car Servicing establishments across W.A, how is this happening?

Relentless and Harsh Weather Conditions.

If somebody was to ask you to leave your brand new leather jacket outside in direct sunlight with a Summer temperature of 30 Degrees for just 1 week, would you? Or if they asked you to leave your brand new set of garden furniture out during a rain/hail storm? Absolutely not.

Let’s take a look at the damage our cars receive when parked up outside our home and how a Carport Shade Sail could save you thousands of dollars.

Battling weather conditions from damaging your car can be tough, especially with no car garage at home. Although our cars are exposed to elements such as rain, hail, strong winds and intense sunlight when they are in use, they do not have to be when they are not. Over the years we have seen many customers enquire about Carports and Parking Lot Shade Sail Solutions. Many of whom had been unlucky and received substantial car damage through harsh weather conditions. The effects of the above elements can be drastic and final, leading to additional costs to an already expensive investment to simply maintain its condition.

Direct Sunlight

Avoid the struggle of entering a congested, boiling hot car and step into a perfectly painted car with a cool and fresh inviting temperature level. Truly enjoy your drive, with help from our Shade Sail Solutions.

Western Australia on average receives up to 8 hours of Sunlight per day. Sunlight is an extremely dangerous force and can have harrowing effects on your car’s paint condition. You have more than likely encountered a car with a poor and tainted paint job at some stage of your life and thought, I would hate if my car looked like that. We are here to ensure your car stays in peak visual condition through the Ultimate Car Protection Solution, an Affordable and Highly Efficient Shade Shail Solution.

How can our Shade Sails protect your car?

Each Sail we create is developed through top class materials that are designed to combat UV Rays with UV Inhibitors. Our solutions require minimal effort to ensure your car is protected daily from intense scorching of your automobile’s paint which leads to burnt, blistered, and even discoloration of your vehicle’s paint work. We provide Custom Solutions to suit all driveways perfectly. Direct sunlight also causes many cars to overheat inside. Ever hopped into your car and it felt like you entered a sauna? This type of intense heating can cause internal problems. Over the years we have encountered burnt leather seats, dash melts and even people burning their skin off dangerously heated leather seats. All of which are incredibly expensive to repair.

Hail & Rain Storms.

Heavy rain and hail storms can also damage your vehicle’s paintwork. Acid Rain over time burns into your car’s paint leaving droplet-like paint burns, tarnishing your vehicle’s look and adding years to its expected age. Heavy hail has also seen mini dents forming across many car roofs and bonnets again, leaving an unattractive look to your car. Strong winds can lead to tree debris and branches landing on your car which may break your window or damage the paint work. Our structurally strong Shade Sails are designed to withstand harsh conditions and are built to last. Various Fixing Points, held together by “D” Rings spread the weight of any falling debris evenly across the sail ensuring your car will be protected underneath.

Bird Droppings

This is a common issue for most. Bird Droppings may at first seem harmless but if left to bake and cement onto your car’s paintwork it can have serious repercussions. Most bird droppings are acidic and when combined with intense sun, bake into the surface of which they lay on and leave irremovable stains. Let your Sail take the hit when it comes to bird droppings. All Sails can be easily washed through our advised “Shade Sail Cleaning Process”.

Our Carport Sail Solution

We provide a range of Carport Sails for Car Protection. With over 35 years of experience in Shade Sail Solutions we have covered every angle, quite literally.

We provide Custom Shade Sail Solutions specific to your requirements and aesthetic desires at an affordable price and timely manner. Our High Performing Durable Materials provide the utmost protection for vehicles exposed to Western Australia’s Harsh Climate. Explore our Full Range of options today by visiting our website or contact our team of consultants now.


For more information or to request an estimate for service, contact our professional shade sail consultant.

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