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Shade Sails are not just for Shade

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This may sound unusual, but Shade Sail Solutions are a lot more than shade providers. Initially when people first begin to inquire about our Shade Sail Solutions it has one purpose and one purpose only, to implement shade cover in a designated area of your choice. However as we develop a plan and introduce customers to various Styles and Colour Schemes people begin to develop other views on their soon to be Shade Sail.

Added Character

Stuart Bell offers the creation of unique and custom Shade Sail Solutions that add character to your chosen area. In times gone by we produced high volumes of generic Shade Sails at the request of our customers. However, our customers have now changed and with that, so has the demand for Unique and Creative Sails. People have now become individualised and unique in their approaches to home/garden designs and this trend is continuing to grow. People now see their homes/gardens as a chance to expose their personality and because of this our team innovate new Designs, Colours, and ways to Structure Sails that offer an opulent look to any space. Choosing a colour from the array of colours we have available can sometimes be a daunting task. Too dark will create a dull look to your area, too bright might not be as effective.

Our team prides itself on customer satisfaction and we understand these decisions can be difficult to make. I mean, it is essentially another part of your home and these types of decisions can be scary. Because of this, we encourage all parties to be made available on the day of our consultation to ensure the perfect Sail is chosen.

Extension of your Home

Shade Sails carefully placed in an area near your home can be viewed as somewhat of an extension of your home’s structure. Thus your home looks bigger to a public eye. It also enhances your outdoor experience offering sufficient shade cover to complete tasks you may not want to complete in direct sunlight such as drawing, painting or reading. It can also allow you to add outdoor furniture to your entertainment area without worrying about sun damage.

Creation of a Garden Theme/Style

As aforementioned Sails are now seen to add character to your garden area. As well as acting as a standalone character piece, they too offer an overall vibe or theme to your area. Small additions such as fairy lights, hammocks, garden plants and music speakers could transform your garden’s theme within the Shade Sail. Combine these with a unique structural shape and colour scheme and you have the ultimate personalised area. It is an area of your home where changing the theme regularly is very cheap and at minimal cost.

For more information on our Shade Sail Services, Contact our team. We look forward to creating the perfect Shade Sail, installed by us and designed by you.


For more information or to request an estimate for service, contact our professional shade sail consultant.

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