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Shade Sails for Schools

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Stuart Bell Shade Sails has been partnering with schools across Perth over the past number of years to improve child safety. We work within safety guidelines on how to safely protect children/students and staff at schools, universities, nurseries and sports clubs all around Perth!

First off, let’s take a look at one of our most recent School Shade Sails for the Rehoboth Christian School in Wilson, Perth.

A Shade Sail devised in order to protect the students outdoors, while on their way in and out of the school. The coverage provides a means for the children to reach the shade of the nearby trees in a safe fashion. The deep blue colouring provides a higher level of sun protection while offering a sky like feel for the children as they walk under the Shade Sail.

Why Shade Sail for Schools and Universities have soared over the past 5 years.

Australia’s geographical position is close to the ozone layer hole in the Antarctic region. This enables Ultraviolet Radiations in Australia to remain higher than that of countries across Europe. Employing health habits to the children of Australia is important at a young age. Children who are exposed to direct sunlight for 15 minutes or more are at the possibility of receiving painful and harmful sunburns, that may take 12 hours to fully show on a child’s skin.

Expanded Learning Area

Outdoor learning has become an activity many schools across Perth have started to implement. Outdoor learning increases a child’s cognitive awareness through fresh open air and natural light. The introduction into the fresh natural air releases endorphins that improve productivity and increases engagement levels. Offering a safe area to conduct this practice is vital. Without shade protection, a child is at serious risk – even in short periods of time. Stuart Bell Sails provide up to 98% protection from health affecting Ultraviolet Sun Rays.

Outdoor Activity Areas

Children thrive in the outdoors, teaching kids while outdoors excites their minds – leading to a better understanding of what they are learning. Stuart Bell Sails has fully Designed and Implemented a range of School Shade Sails. Our innovative team offers a Shade Solution for all types of coverage requirements ranging from swimming pools, playgrounds, amphitheatres, playgrounds, sports courts and much more!

Walkways, Lunch Areas & Staff Carparks

Direct sunlight has been proven to activate dangerous health effects from a very young age. Ensuring the pupils of your school are protected at all times, while on the school premises is extremely important. If it was to take five minutes for a pupil to walk from the parent drop off point to the doors of your school without any shade protection this child could be at risk.

On average a typical day in Perth will see temperatures of 19°C. Considering that Australians are susceptible to receive 15% more Direct Sun Rays, as opposed to European countries, almost all schools should uphold a suitable shade solution or location for their pupils. Eating outdoors and offering children a break from the congested classroom, providing a safe zone for employee cars – it is a win-win when it comes to Shade Sails for Schools.

Is your school thinking about a Shade Sail Solution, but not sure if this is within your schools budget, or if you have a suitable location to place one?
Rest assured. With over 35 years of Sail Making experience, Stuart Bell is confident we have an option for you. If we don’t, we will simply form a tailor made Shade Sail just for you.

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