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Shade Sails South Perth

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One of our recent Shade Sail Installations. A Shade Sail Replacement, designed to maximise sun coverage and create a smooth rain run-off in a Commercial Car Park in South Perth! This client’s objective was to create an area of shade coverage to protect exposed cars from direct and harmful sun rays. Fitting Car Park Shade Solutions has become a large service offering at Stuart Bell Sails. People have become more aware of the potential damages the sun can cause to their vehicles. From paint deterioration to seat scorches!
The sun has dangerous effects on cars left idle for periods of time. As this project was a replacement as opposed to a completely new sail installation, pole fixings had already been installed and so, our project time was reduced in this regard.

South Perth Shade Sail Solution.

We began this project by meeting our client as always at their chosen location (the Sail location). As stated, this project required replacement Sails as opposed to a completely new installation. The Stuart Bell Sails Consultant met with this client in South Perth and discussed their desired Sail Style andColour. On conclusion, in order to meet this clients objective of protecting customer and employee cars, using a Hyper Design would be most beneficial. This type of design enables the coverage of a wide area and aids with water run-off. It also offers a structurally strong, dynamic look to the area requiring shade.

Following this stage, our Design Team were briefed on the Sail required for this project. The Stuart Bell Sails Design Team, as always, designed a sail that not only was aesthetically pleasing but practical as well.

Design/Installation of this Shade Sail Solution.

As this project was a Shade Sail Replacement, it required less time and fewer workings on site.. The colour choice and Hyper design worked beautifully to achieve good shade coverage, wind dispersion and water run off.

Completed Project

We successfully replaced this Sail in South Perth in a timely manner, offering little disruption to this client’s normal operating day. We understand that construction and working on Sails can cause disruption in Commercial areas so we try and complete work in the early part of the day before the workers arrive, or on Saturdays when the area is free of cars.

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For more project insights – stay tuned to our SBS Blog, where we will discuss a range of Shade Sail projects in a variety of locations across Perth.


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