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Commonly Asked questions about Shade Sails

Helpful answers to your questions about shade Sail purchase and maintenance 

How long do shade sails last?

Shade sails have a cloth warranty of 10 years and a conditional warranty of 10  years.  Of late there have been massive improvements in thread construction and sails now have a 15-year thread warranty. Sails also need to be properly tensioned and taken down during winter. This greatly prolongs their life



How deep are the shade sail poles? 

Depths and Widths are based on engineering specifications related to the size and location of the sail.



Do I need to take my shade sails down in winter?

Shade sails need to be taken down during the winter months, particularly large sails Smaller sails in sheltered areas would be less at risk of doing damage



Can you do DIY?

DIY is an option if you are a handyman. If you want a DIY kit from SBS we are happy to give you technical information to assist you with your install. Any warranty on shade sail manufactured by SBS is void in DIY installations



What metropolitan areas do you cover? 

We cover most metropolitan areas. In areas well outside of the metro area, we are happy to provide a quote if pictures, measurements and detail of soil type are tendered



Shade sail v Patio

Shade sails are generally cheaper than patios and offer greater versatility in design. They also can be taken down in winter which allows warm sun to penetrate the home. 



How do I clean shade sails?

The best way to how to clean shade sails is to take the sails down and place onto a flat surface (concrete is best). Wet the sails down first then apply sugar soap liquid that is free from chlorine or acid as the chlorine and acid will break down the fabric and stitching. Apply the sugar soap generously with water and broom with hard bristle broom all over, then leave to soak for about ten minutes. Then using a garden hose work your way around the sail hosing off any residue left.



I live in a high wind area

Shade sails are often installed in high wind areas that are near the coast and on the flats, in eastern suburbs such as Orange Grove. They need to well tensioned and in some cases secured with safety straps.



I live in an area that is very rocky

Evacuations in suburbs like Gooseberry Hill and Kalamunda are very difficult and do require digging equipment which can be expensive to hire and can add to the cost of your quote. Coffee rock in suburbs such as Byford is also difficult to dig holes

How do I take them down?

Shade sails are connected to their fixings with turnbuckles. The turnbuckles are secured with locking nuts that must be loosened so the thread on the turnbuckle can extend out thus reducing the tension on the sail. Loosen one fixing and the rest of the fixing points will be easier to take off. Leave the turnbuckles on each corner and make sure you mark the starting point on the sail and the location of its fitting. Put the sail away in the bag provided in an area that is free of chemicals and any rodents. 

Maintaining Your Sails

  • take your sail down during the winter months and certainly in strong wind conditions.
  • keep the sail tensioned and check fixtures and fittings annually.