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Process of purchasing Shade sails

Do you require Shade Sails in Perth?


You can contact us by phone or by filling out our enquiry form on the home and contact us page. During that contact, we arrange a time convenient for you for our consultant  to visit. Ideally, all interested parties are available as there will be a lot of detail discussed. We offer the option of Saturday afternoon.   

Before the consultant’s visit, it is a good idea to have a clear idea of the area you want shaded as well as knowledge of the location any utilities that could affect placement of poles/fittings. Also what colour you have in mind as well for the fabric and posts.

Site visit

On the day of the visit the consultant will ask questions about where the customer  wants shade . One key part  to that is finding suitable places to fix sail fittings. Locations  such as fascia , garden beds for poles  and brick walls will be investigated.

Once the fixing points and their locations are established the consultant will draw the design 

Colour of sail fabric and pole will be confirmed as well as explanation of warranty detail and lead times


Within 24 hours a quote will be emailed to the customer confirming details of the site visit as well as cost and warranty information. Any query concerning any part of the process can be addressed by contacting SBS  either by email or phone

Once the quote is accepted a “Condition of Sale” form must be signed and returned by either email or post.


Within 2 to 3 weeks the structural components of the job will be installed. Depending on the style of shade sail structure it might include posts, wall fittings, track or fascia fitting. 

Once all the components are installed the sides and diagonals of the sail will be measured as well as pole heights 

The site sail measurements are then entered into our computer software program to generate the shade sail measurements for our new shade sail. 

Sail manufacture 

Sail is then made at our sail loft checked and put in a bag ready for installation. 

Smaller sails have webbed edges while larger sails have wire edges. All sails have reinforced patches, are double seamed and have stainless steel 'D' rings.

Sail install 

Next, we ring the customer and arrange a time to install the sail. 

On the arranged day our shade sail installer arrives at the customers house and installs the sail 

Customer will receive a demonstration on how to take the sail down and put it up if required. 

We are available to take down sails particularly at the end of summer and put up at the start of summer. We are also available to answer any questions, queries regarding you shade sail.