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Shade Sail Repairs in Perth

Stuart Bell Sails Perth Shade Sail Maintenance 

At Stuart Bell Sails we will return your old shade sail in good as new condition and at a fraction of the price of a new Sail. As we have been in the shade sail business for many years now we are confident in restoration and repairs.

These are the two options we offer

1. The customer can bring the damaged sail to our loft in Nedlands for repair, collect it when its repaired and reinstall it themselves.

2. Stuart Bell Sails can take the damaged sail down, repair it and then reinstall the repaired sail.

Common Types of Repair

Whether your sail is ripped, the seams have fallen apart or the sail is displaying other signs of wear and tear, we repair and re-stitch to restore your sail to its best look and do so at a cost that is much less than the price of purchasing a new sail.

The most common type of shade sail repair occurs when there has been a storm or a period of very sustained strong wind.

Rips and Tears


Generally, the sail in need of repair has been up for at least 8 years and the thread has become rotted due to it being exposed to continuous UV light.

Once the thread breaks down the presence of strong wind puts pressure on the seams and edges of the sail causing the webbed edges to come away and the middle seams to rip. On wire sails, once the sewn seams on the edge rip and come away, the wire pulls through and the sail fabric sags down.

The solution is to resew all seams and sleeves. The sail will be good for at least another 8 years

Wire rubbing on the sleeve of fabric

On wire sails, if they are not tensioned properly the wire rubs on the outside crease of the sail wearing through to create a ripped edge.

The edge needs to be covered with a sleeve of new fabric

Sail rubbing on gutters or tree branches

Constant rubbing of cloth on gutters and other fixed objects causes the cloth to eventually rip

This requires a patch

Attachments come off

Whilst the rest of the sail might appear okay, one or two of the stainless steel ‘D’ rings on the corners of the sail have come off and the sail fabric is flapping in the breeze.

These attachments need to be reattached with new webbing and sewn in vertical lines down the webbing.

As the sail has been exposed to UV sunlight there is a strong chance the rest of the sail needs a re-sew.

Shade Sail Cleaning & Maintenance

Over time, you may find that your shade sail has become grubby and you will need to clean it. However, it is important that you don't utilise harsh chemicals or commercial chemicals to clean it as products containing bleach, sulphur or halogens can damage the shade sail's UV stabilizers. This will make your shade sail deteriorate and will probably void its warranty. Also, avoid using products which have pesticide components and metal oxides, as these may react with the fabric, reducing its quality.


To clean your shade sail.

  • Mix, the sugar soap and water and spray over the sail
  • Next, leave the sail to soak for about 10 minutes
  • Then using a garden hose work your way around the sail, hosing of any residue.


Most of the time, rainwater will keep it clean enough, but a good annual cleaning will be needed to clear the accumulation of dirt and dried leaves that will no doubt have built up. Also, in winter the cold and moisture may have caused mildew and mould. We suggest a product like “Wet and Forget” to remove mildew and mould using a low-pressure water blaster.

To make life easier for you, we install high-quality domestic and commercial shade sails efficiently and professionally, serving all suburbs across Perth. Our fast, reliable and affordable installation service means that your new shade sail is sure to be stable and properly constructed, providing maximum safety and protection. Not only that, but we'll give you a free consultation, measure and quote on all jobs. It's never been so easy!


Sail Uninstall & Reinstall Service Available

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