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Dear Exmouth Homeowners and Businesses,

Are looking for an affordable way to have sun protection and create shade in Exmouth

Whether you are looking for a Homeowner and Business shade sails can add value and protection to your home or Business. If you want to add value to you Exmouth home or Business shade sails can be a cheap and creative way to do so. Or if you need protection from the suns harsh UVR.

As little as 11 minutes exposure to our harsh Perth Sun can take days or weeks to heal.  This is why it is so important to have UV protective shades for the protection of your family and friends.  If you are concerned about UV sunlight in your backyard or business open areas you can try out the SunSmart app to see a live reading of what your UVR in the area is, this can help you determine just how much UV protection The Exmouth area requires.


UV protection is not just about direction sunlight UV lights can be reflected off surfaces and when looking for a shade sail you have to think about the placement to not just stop the sun shining down and look at the reflection of the UV sun. 


 Estimated reflected UV radiation from different surfaces



Shade Sails in the home have many uses and there are many reasons to buy shade sails for your home.

Over cars - The main appeal to a shade sail for cars is how customisable it is to your driveway space. With a carport shade, you are able to increase the value of your home whilst protecting your family and assets from dangerous UVR rays.

Over pools - To create a truly modern look shade sails are a perfect option, the added UV protection from quality shade sails also helps protect your family. They can be removed during winter so strong winds won’t affect or hurt your pool.

Patio - Once again the best part of a shade sail is the amount they can customise the size, shapes and design of the sales to best suit your area.  

Sun Protection - Finding a balance of sun and shade, letting light while protecting yourself and family. For this, a high (86%-99%) UV rating on the fabric shade is perfect for finding that balance.

Low maintenance - While being sturdy and adaptable shade sails are low maintenance with just needing a wash and regular check from a professional to keep them sturdy and effective at cutting out the sun.



When planning to put in a shade sail what should you be looking for? 

Personal preference - this is what it will always come down to and take the time to look around and compare styles, colour and of course prices. 

Style - There are multiple styles to chose from but don’t get overwhelmed you can talk to a qualified shade sail installer and designer to get the best fit for your house.

Design- You might be thinking what is there to design its just shade sail but you'll be surprised by the difference a computer custom designed shade sail can make to a shade sail overall look and longevity. A professional knows what to look for when designing a shade sail and often when you go through a company that takes the time to design a shade sail they will have a warranty and assurance that if something goes wrong there is a way to fix it fast. 

Fabric - Polyfx is a trusted brand of fabric that has High UV protection, look for 85%-98% as this is what will keep you and your family safe. Rainbow is another trusted brand that has a UV protection of 99% in most colours. Colour will affect the UV and you should look at this when picking a colour too. 



Schools- UVR is the most intense between 10am and 3pm when children are at school. Something to keep in mind with schools is that there is legislation for installing shade sails in schools, for example, they must not be located too close to trees to minimise cleaning and maintenance costs and a qualified professional would be the best suited to design and install sails to ensure the safety and well-being of students. 

Cafes and Restaurants - Exmouth Cafes and restaurants often have any outdoor area can benefit greatly from shade sails as they are cheaper than a fixed patio and easy to remove and clean, plus once you have a trustworthy shade sails company they can repair and clean the shades for your business.

Businesses - Indoor and outdoor workers in businesses are subjected to UVR and this is why having a professional Shade Sails asses your Exmouth Business to see how a shade sail could help keep employees safe from UVR. 

Sun Protection - The best shade provides protection from the direct sunlight and excellent coverage of the sky, and side protection from the reflective surfaces. It also considers how shade moves with the position of the sun in the morning, midday and afternoon.


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Thank you, Exmouth,

for your dedication to sun safety in our Homes and Businesses.