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Styles and Types of Shade Sails 

As most applications are different there needs to be a variety of shade sail types to work for you


Four posts stand alone with a twist

This style allows for easy water run off as well as assisting in tensioning the sail effectively. The difference in the height of the diagonals gives the sail a unique look.



Two posts and two wall fittings on a house.

Utilising the structure of the house and two posts, a sail is created with a unique twist.



Two posts and rope track attached to wall.

Where complete block out of the sun is required, rope track allows us to achieve this.A nice neat finish with two posts at different heights to allow water runoff




Wall and roof fixings

Some sites don't allow posts so we need to be creative in finding fixing points that will be strong enough to hold a shade sail's uplifted in windy conditions.

In this picture, we anchored attachments  to a brick wall and support beams on the main structure



Posts and attached on tin roof 

It is important to utilise the structure of a house to create shade sails that look good. By raising and lowering the sail at the same height across the four sails we created a consistent uniform look.


Shade sail over cars

Large sail with five posts Three high posts and two low posts to allow water runoff. Wire sewn into perimeter of sail to pull the edges tight. Important on large sails to have poles with wider diameters and greater wall thickness. Concrete footings excavated to engineered specifications to stop poles flexing.