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Swimming Pool Shade Sail Canning Vale

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Stuart Bell Shade Sails recently installed a Shade Sail in Canning Vale. This sail is designed in a way that will provide shade to the swimming pool area. Swimming Pool Shade Sails are very popular in WA at this time of year.

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Shade Sails Canning Vale

Our initial process began at our client’s home in Canning Vale with a one-to-one consultation. Our experienced shade sail designer met with this particular customer and discussed their preferences in relation to Design, Colour, Shape, Style and of course the Main Function of the Sail.

Given the requirements we decided on one sail to cover two thirds of the pool.

Covering the whole pool would have made the water cold and resulted in increased energy costs.

Design/Installation of this Shade Sail

In the design phase of this Shade Sail project, it was decided to use four poles. The reason for this was that it allowed us to design a Hypar sail, which features at least a metre height difference between the two sets of diagonal poles. We placed the low poles in line with the sun’s trajectory to maximise shade coverage.

For this project, selecting the blue colour was important ,from a design point of view as it matched the colour of the pool and pool cover. The Hypar design facilitated water run off as well as anchoring this quite large sail in strong winds.

Completed Swimming Pool Shade Sail

On completion, our client was incredibly satisfied with their new Stuart Bell Shade Sail. Also, the client was pleased with how clean and tidy the garden and work area were left after the project was completed. Our team takes pride in every project they complete, regardless of the size or location of the project on hand.

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