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Shade Sails

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Why Use Shade Sails?

Perth Shade Sail solutions have increased immensely in popularity over the last number of years. With climate change more apparent than ever, direct sun rays have become an ongoing and dangerous issue across the world. Considering the level of sunlight we are exposed to on a daily basis during summer and peak sunlight seasons in Perth. Our bodies are at high risk of health damage. 

Shade sails at a basic level, provide shade. Whether it is to protect your outdoor garden furniture or to create a protected space by which you and your family can relax with ease. We have an option for all. With a variety of meaningful functions, shade sails are becoming a staple piece for every outdoor entertainment or living area. Understanding why you need a shade sail is the first step in creating a safe shaded space. Step two is contacting your local reputable shade sail provider – Stuart Bell Sails

Let’s take a look at why the growth of shade sails has occurred so dominantly over the last 10 years in Perth.

Functions of Shade Sails


Sun protection

As aforementioned, acknowledging the breakdown of the ozone layer is vital to maintain a healthy lifestyle while living in Perth. We receive high levels of direct sun rays that become intensified during summer periods. We love the sun, it’s in our nature to welcome summer every year. But when you feel the sun beginning to wear you down and deflate you, it is important to escape from it – shade sails offer this getaway without the need to venture inside. 

Stuart Bell Sails offer up to 99% protection from UV Sun Rays. The effects of being exposed to these rays are harrowing and can be viewed here. But let’s avoid these health issues occurring by choosing shade. 

Along with the effects on your body, high levels of sun exposure is also known to melt furniture and to dry out and crust your car’s paintwork – resulting in paint flakes occurring. Thus, we have created a carport shade sail option. Protecting your investment has never been easier.

Wind protection

Shade sails also offer protection from wind. Crafted with Australian made fabrics. Each Stuart Bell Sail we provide is made to last. Durability and functionality are at the core of every shade sail we provide. We understand that requiring shade sail maintenance comes at a cost. Thus, we prevent these occurrences by creating structurally strong, effective and tested shade sails. 

These shade providers are also the perfect source of protection from chilling night time winds that come after a long hot day. Depending on your shade sail fitting style. We can craft your shade sail to be multi-functioning. Protection from the sun during the day and protection from wind/rain at night. It really is a win-win with Stuart Bell Sails.

Shade Sail Designs

Along with protection, shade sails create a fantastic design theme within your garden area. Choosing the correct shade sail for your space can enhance and promote your area with style and luxury. We appreciate that every outdoor area is unique and requires its very own style. Thus, we create custom shade sail designs tailored to your requirements and style preference. 

Shade sails have become the affordable and stylish way of extending your home with minimal disruption to your existing structure. Book your consultation today.  For more, view our full range over on our website here. 


For more information or to request an estimate for service, contact our professional shade sail consultant.

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